XEN // cluster hosts with nobudget

nobudget TUI

nobudget scripts

on the management node,

as user

dsh -e -g xen "xl li | sed '1,2d' | awk '{print $1}'"
dsh -e -g xen "xentop -b -i1"

on the hypervisor nodes,

as root

#apt install nfs-common
vi /etc/fstab

x.x.x.x:/data /data nfs defaults,auto 0 0
x.x.x.x:/data.images /data.images nfs defaults,auto 0 0

mkdir /data/ /data.images/
touch /data/NOT_MOUNTED /data.images/NOT_MOUNTED

mount /data/
mount /data.images/

and of the bin/ repo is not already there,

cd /data/
git clone https://github.com/pbraun9/bin.git
#git clone ssh://git@github.com/pbraun9/bin.git
#git config user.name `whoami`@`hostname`
#git config user.email email@address
#git config user.name
#git config user.email
#git config --global alias.nc 'commit -a --allow-empty-message -m ""'
#git config --global alias.ci 'commit --allow-empty-message -m ""'
#cat >> /etc/profile <<-EOF
#alias push='git nc && git push'
#alias stat='git diff --stat --cached origin/master'

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