operating RHEL/CentOS

Now that your RHEL/CentOS system is up and running, you can proceed with the run-mode.

update setup

make sure update message and downloads are enabled (default),

cd /etc/yum/
cp yum-cron.conf yum-cron.conf.dist
grep update yum-cron.conf | grep -v ^#

tune yum against specific packages

pin versions

if you need to pin the version so it won’t get upgraded automaticly when doing yum upgrade, e.g. for mongodb,

cd /etc/
cp yum.conf yum.conf.dist
vi yum.conf


exclude package from conflicting repositories

e.g. make sure nodejs and mongodb are excluded from EPEL upgrades (those two package sets have their own repo),

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
vi epel.repo

exclude=libuv* nodejs* npm* mongodb-org*


make sure the system is up to date,

yum upgrade

cleanup unused packages

yum install -y yum-utils
package-cleanup --leaves


Check that node modules are up-to-date,

npm list
npm outdated --depth=3
npm install
npm update
npm upgrade