Plotting Bonnie

This script helps you put the data you need in colums 3 and 4:

Example usage:

./bonnie-run.ksh run1-gfs2.bon run1-thindrbd.bon
cat run1-gfs2.bon run1-thindrbd.bon | bon_csv2txt > run1.txt
cat run1-gfs2.bon run1-thindrbd.bon | bon_csv2html > run1.html

grep ^mount- lala/run2/* run2/* > run2-gfs2.bon
grep ^thindrbd lala/run2/* run2/* > run2-thindrbd.bon
./bonnie-run.ksh run2-gfs2.bon run2-thindrbd.bon
cat run2-gfs2.bon run2-thindrbd.bon | bon_csv2txt > run2.txt
cat run2-gfs2.bon run2-thindrbd.bon | bon_csv2html > run2.html

grep ^mount- lala/run3/* run3/* > run3-gfs2.bon
grep ^thindrbd lala/run3/* run3/* > run3-thindrbd.bon
./bonnie-run.ksh run3-gfs2.bon run3-thindrbd.bon
cat run3-gfs2.bon run3-thindrbd.bon | bon_csv2txt > run3.txt
cat run3-gfs2.bon run3-thindrbd.bon | bon_csv2html > run3.html