Setting up EVE-NG


EVE-NG Community edition sucks: you cannot even plug/unplug the wires virtually without restarting the nodes. You absolutely need the Professional edition, which does NOT come for free.

install as VM

assuming virtualbox

you need quite a lot of storage, let’s take 100G thin

system --> more RAM
system --> disable floppy
system --> more CPUs
system --> netsted VT

disable audio

network bridge

maybe don’t choose US for once, as you won’t get the chance to edit sources.list to point against your nearest mirror. rc.local actually installs loads of packages right on the first reboot.

client side integration

while it finishes installing, take the chance to get that thing ready

add-apt-repository ppa:smartfinn/eve-ng-integration
apt install eve-ng-integration

first-time setup & sysprep

you can already reach the guest remotely through SSH as root

vi /etc/hosts

x.x.x.x     eveng evepro

ssh eveng -l root

no need to tune SSHD, root is allowed already

#vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
#systemctl restart ssh

console & ssh login


fix a few things – in case you didn’t choose your local mirror at install-time

cd /etc/apt/
mv sources.list sources.list.dist
sed 's/us\.archive/md.archive/g' sources.list.dist > sources.list
sed 's/us\.archive/fr.archive/g' sources.list.dist > sources.list
sed 's/us\.archive/ru.archive/g' sources.list.dist > sources.list

upgrade the system & EVE-NG

lsb_release -a
apt update
apt full-upgrade
apt install manpages man-db
dpkg -l libguestfs-tools
dpkg -l eve-ng-pro

and now that you have the latest kernel available, VBOX GUEST ADDITIONS

/sbin/rcvboxadd setup
/sbin/rcvboxadd quicksetup all

apt autoremove --purge

Ready to go

web login