Choosing a printer

My tips to choose a printer

  1. forget about inkjet, it is a scam! A true printer is laser only, period.
  2. forget about colors. Print white/black, that’s enough.
  3. if you have the money you can also choose one that has duplex (printing on both sides)
  4. most importantly choose not necessarily the cheapest printer, but the one which has… the cheapest toner cartridges (per number of pages)! The more you print, the more you will notice the cost is on the toner, not the printer itself.

I had good experience with Xerox because it usually supports the good old LPD protocol. It works also with CUPS and any Ubuntu, but in case you want old-school, well that should work. And e.g. for Phaser 3020 you have toner Toner cartridge Sakura SA106R02773-N - 1 500 pages - 1 350 ₽ (0.9 rub/page)

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