Playing with a CVS client

Create a new repository folder

cd project/
cvs import -m "" project organization initial

get a local copy of the repo (in case the folder already existed, create the CVS tracking within it)

cd ../
cvs checkout -P project/

now the tracking subfolder appeared

ls -lF project/CVS/



export CVSROOT=""
cvs -z9 checkout -P src
#-r netbsd-9
cd src/

Nethence rrr

ssh-keygen -t ...
cat ~/.ssh/id_*.pub #paste it to CVS server
vi .ssh/config

        Port XXX

export CVSROOT=""
export CVS_RSH="ssh"
cvs checkout -P rrr
cd rrr/


status & update

cvs update -dP

loads of details

cvs status


cvs log

just the headers

cvs log -h


cvs commit

Solving conflicts

similarly to SVN

remove the conflict state and commit again

svn resolved

Subversion conflict with a deleted file


F.1 Partial list of error messages

Re: ‘root’ is not allowed to commit files

Resolving Conflicts

4.9. Resolve Conflicts (Merging Changes of Others)