Cisco IOS // Operations



see some logs

show logging history 

who’s in?

show sessions
!clear line vty

review config

show vlan
show run
show startup-config
show running-config
show running-config interface
show running-config vlan
show interface gi0/1 trunk
!show archive config diff

clear config on an interface

show interface fa0/2
default interface fa0/2

Deal with macs

show remotely connected MAC addresses

show mac address-table
show mac address-table dynamic 
show mac address-table interface fa0/X

how they are being resolved

show ip arp

Deal with trunks

show interfaces trunk


in case some config element got stuck e.g. vlan I had no other choice than to

more nvram:startup-config
more flash:config.text

copy nvram:startup-config tftp

cd /tftpboot/upload/
mv SW-config ../
cd ../
chown root:root SW-config
chmod 644 SW-config
cp SW-config SW-config.dist
vi SW-config

and push it back over to the switch

copy tftp://x.x.x.x/SW-confg nvram:startup-config


Delete a configuration of an interface


Cisco switch, how to determine MAC address of connected device or wake device up?


Config.text and Startup-config Files in Cisco Switches

Edit Cisco startup-config

erasing a config and vlan.dat file in Catalyst 4507R Switch